How can you get $2,000 with only $1?

Here is the perfect answer for you.

Visit and experience the latest games from us. “Wheel of Fortune”

1. Interface:

  • Icon: After logging into Best777, you will see a colourful circle icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, click it to start playing. Notably, the Wheel of Fortune will appear in there of all Best777 games so that players can entertain while waiting for the result of other games.
  • Balance:  Display the available amount of money on Best777 wallet.
  • Betting amount: You can enter the amount manually or increase or decrease by using the +/- sign.
How to play Wheel of Fortune

2. Game rules:

Place a bet then press the “GO” button to start the game.

When the wheel stops, the arrow will point to a position, and it is the reward for the player.

The bonus will be added directly to the Best777 wallet.

How to play Wheel of Fortune

3. Limits for each bet:

The minimum amount is $ 1 and up to $ 20 on a single play.

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