You probably know dice games when visit casino or at least through related movies or programs. However, Best777 will bring you a much more excellent game known as Dice Master with the fully automatic control system and the highest award ever.

1. Interface:

  • Time: display the remaining time for a bet and wait for the result.
  • Betting board: you can enter the amount of money manually, then select Even numbers or Odd numbers (or the total number of points you want to bet). You can bet multiple points in each turn in Dice Master .
  • History result.
  • Your played history.
How to play Dice Master

2. Rules:

There are 2 ways to play for Dice Master :

  • Bet on ODD numbers (Red side) or Even numbers (Blue side). If the dice numbers belong to the part you choose, you will receive the winning prize (the amount you bet + 82% more).

** Example: If you put $10 on the Odd numbers then you win, you will receive $18.2 in total ($10 you bet before + $8.2 winning amount).

  • Betting on the total number of points of the dice. If the number you choose is correct, you will receive the winning prize equal to 82% multiplied by the number of times shown on that number (up to 120 times).

** Example: If you put $ 10 on number 16th, the amount you win will be: $10 x 30 times (multiplier 30) x 82% = $246.

You can bet on both types of game at the same time; each of them will calculate the specific winnings according to the rules mentioned above.

When you win the bet, the winning amount will be transferred directly into your wallet on Best777.

How to play Dice Master

3. Betting time:

In Dice Master, you have 30 seconds to bet on odd or even numbers or/and the total number points of dice.

After that, the system will stop accepting bets and you’ll wait 30 more seconds to know the results. In the end, a new round of Dice will begin.

4. The amount to bet:

  • The minimum amount is $1
  • The maximum amount you can bet up to $10,000.