1. Why BET777 chose Coinmarketcap to compare lottery results?

  • Coinmarketcap is a well-known price listing site with great transparency and credibility.
  • Select Coinmarketcap as an intermediary to give the final result of the prize to ensure transparency and ease for customers to compare.
  • In order to influence Coinmarketcap’s results, it is impossible, you have to spend dozens of times the amount of risky investment of BEST777, which is not sure to be able to do it.

2. The result of the game is prestigious, make sure there is no intervention to “avoid” the real winner?

  • The games of BEST777 are based on prestige established from the community
  • Having a winner will help BEST777 to be prestigious, more involved communities, help bigger scale of awards and more profitable ones themselves.
  • The prize value is calculated by the experts based on the number of losers and the number of winners. Whether you win or lose, we still have profited from our service, without interfering with the results of the game awards.
  • From these reasons, BEST777 is looking forward to having many winning customers, we want to be known by the community for prestige and transparency.

3. Is it simple to withdraw bonuses?

  • Whenever you win, the bonus will be immediately transferred to the e-wallet of the account you registered at BEST777.
  • Depending on your needs, you can make withdrawals to your wallet in your profile. This is done immediately, sometimes the system may take a little more time.

4. The bonus is withdrawn in any currency?

  • Best777 only accept every deposit with BTC, ETH, VND
  • 1 USD = 23,000 VND
  • Your bonuses can be paid out by ETH, VND
  • Withdrawal fee:
    • ETH: 5%
    • VND: 9%

5. Is there any limit to the prize accumulated?

  • There aren’t limits, the prize only stops accumulating until the winner is found

6. How can I know that Best777 pay out the bonuses for real??

  • Every day, every hour … we publish the wallet of the winning account so that the community can check it day by day
  • Besides that, the winners can share their experience, their stories and evenly they can show their wallet balance to confirm the truth

7. How to become a partner and make money from Best777?

  • We are developing the customer community with Affiliate Marketing method, any member who has registered an account and confirmed success, will also have the right to use Referral link to introduce Best777 to friends.
  • We are applying a policy that creates a great advantage for our community development team
  • Level 1: 3% (personal volume of current month from $10)
  • Level 2: 1% (personal volume of current month from $60)
  • Level 3: 0.5% (personal volume of current month from $160)